The Wood Block Puzzle is where players will put blocks to form a horizontal row and a column. That will help you earn points, get rewards and test your observation and calculation ability.

App NameWood Block Puzzle
PublisherBeetles Studio
Latest Version3.0.5
MOD InfoUnlimited Key, VIP Unlocked
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Wood Block Puzzle gives you some blocks with different shapes, and you will need to fill a horizontal row or a column. The filling will free up a certain amount of space for you to add new blocks. At the same time, the number of blocks that the game gives you is entirely diverse with different shapes, and you will carefully observe to choose the right location for them.

Wood Block Puzzle – Block Game


In Wood Block Puzzle, players will find an empty box divided into smaller squares, and it is also a place for you to place blocks with different shapes. You can quickly put them in slots, and when the condition is met, they will disappear to help you get points. At the same time, you will continuously add new blocks to the level until there are no more places to add the blocks you receive.

The level of the game has many attractive points for the player, such as a frame with different empty cells, the blocks you receive, and the square with the key. Each of these elements has a different role that you will take advantage of, and the goal of that player is to try to earn as many points as possible. At the same time, you will be able to drag and drop a block to any suitable position, so the gameplay of this title is perfectly suitable for many people.

Wood Block Puzzle – Block Game


Once players start Wood Block Puzzle, it won’t take long to get used to the mechanics this game introduces, as you’ll know how to use the help feature. When the function rollout is complete, you will receive blocks to place them in a specific position. Blocks are stacked together, and a row or column occupied by blocks disappears and gives the player points. So you will try to free up as much space as possible.

You will do many times to disappear a row or a column, and after you have used up some blocks that the game provides, others appear. That will cause some difficulties for players as they do not know what elements will continue to appear. So over time, you will need to choose the locations for new blocks carefully. You also get rewards for reaching a certain number of points.

At the top of the frame, the player will see a progress bar and have a certain number of chests. This bar will continuously increase over time, and you will get some rewards. Simultaneously, the number of rewards in this game is useful as a key for you to use. Certainly, using the key at the beginning of the game will be pretty wasteful because it will tell you how to solve the challenges you face.

Wood Block Puzzle – Block Game


When you experience Wood Block Puzzle, you will find a square next to the blocks with many keys. You can drag and drop a block into this empty box, and soon the number of keys will decrease. At the same time, the result you get is a prominent location, and it’s an ideal location for you to place blocks. It is a feature that can be used anytime while you have the keys; the number of keys you earn will be small, so use it carefully.

Players will play this game anywhere they want because it is highly entertaining. The game has no time limit, so you can play until you fail. At the same time, no internet connection is required, so you can be entertained at any time when you feel bored. The game’s graphics are wood style, so it will easily attract players’ attention because of the beauty it possesses.

Wood Block Puzzle – Block Game

Players will go to interesting gameplay involving blocks and face challenges:

  • The player will receive a frame with empty cells to place blocks in the positions you feel suitable.
  • These blocks will occupy space, and when forming a horizontal row or a column, they will disappear to add new ones.
  • Players will receive blocks completely at random, so you will need to think carefully about your chosen position over time.
  • There will be a progress bar, so you know your score, and on that bar, there will be chests that you can collect and get many useful keys.
  • Keys are a resource used to get help and know the right place for the blocks you will place.
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