World of Tanks Blitz offers players the best tank battle experiences as everything is realistic, precise, and accounted for various factors in every interaction. Players can start their desired tanker careers in the game and roll out with friends with chaotic and intoxicating encounter battles.

App Name World of Tanks Blitz
Publisher Wargaming Group
Genre Strategy
Size 150M
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World War II-era tanks’ fierce and epic battles culminate excitement and action-packed through every factor related to realism battles. Fortunately, World of Tanks Blitz will reimagine all of that, and it’s an MMO action-packed game with engaging and entertaining content to immerse players in the battles of historical tanks. Best of all, it has a vibrant and dedicated community and is constantly creating new activities or events on special occasions.

World of Tanks Blitz


The most outstanding feature of World of Tanks Blitz is the dynamic, bustling, and authentic atmosphere in each 7vs7 battle throughout everyone’s tanker career. The background sounds, the destruction details, and the sounds that war machines make on each action also contribute to the intensely stimulating player experience. Not stopping there, the variety of countries and tanks also opens up many new possibilities for entertainment as players shoot and drive in epic moments.

World of Tanks Blitz


Besides the extreme tank battles, the physics system and environment in the game are realistic in every remarkable detail. Everything sticks to its accurate proportions, giving players more flexibility while taking advantage of the tank’s sturdy armor and terrain to survive or counterattack. Not only that, the AI ​​and maths that calculate the durability of armor and physics are delicate and full of detail, making every fight or shot contains a lot of emotions and expectations from the player.


World of Tanks Blitz’s technology tree shows each branch’s development and formation and country that had tanks in WWII. Although a few branches are still on the blueprints, they are all vivid, realistic, and exude an attractive beauty that reflects the distinctive style of a veteran combatant. In addition, each country has its heirloom divided into ten tiers and separate roles, thereby diversifying the player’s fighting style in each tank battle.

World of Tanks Blitz


The game sometimes breaks the boundaries of the WW II concept and adds additional game modes with exciting and groundbreaking ideas for a more thrilling gameplay. The content of those game modes is different and humorous, and they are also a good opportunity for players to relax from the pressure and fierce battles in the official game modes. Furthermore, it will also include many additional bonuses in the new game modes to motivate players when completing them.

World of Tanks Blitz


World of Tanks Blitz will bring everyone large-scale maps, and they will have multiple fighting styles depending on the type of tank the player uses. Along with that are the diversity of every kind of tank and separate roles, making their existence highly influential in a certain way. In other words, depending on each person’s preferences or feelings, they can find and enjoy each type of tank separately, and at the same time, promote its capabilities on all fronts.


The best thing about the game is the platoon, where a pair of tankers stand side by side in all the most exciting battles. Although each platoon only has a maximum of 2 units, they can become the most feared opponents that the enemy is always wary of due to their excellent interaction. Besides creating platoons, people can join clans and enjoy more exhilarating perks like rewards, cost discounts, and other valuable things.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz has a varied battle tempo, but it uses the WW II concept to develop realistic gameplay, vehicles, and maps. Everything has depth, and players must always take advantage of the tank stats to fight to their heart’s content.

  • Magnificent and authentic experiences from countless tank battles and standoffs.
  • Over 350+ WWII-era tanks to research, indulge, and master their capabilities.
  • Hilarious game modes with creative gameplay for generous rewards.
  • Meticulous details of armor profiles and shells mechanism for a realistic experience.
  • Join platoon for cooperative battle moments, and join clans for exclusive rewards, privileges, and extra content.
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