World War Armies Mod APK is the first mobile version of a classic player-versus-player military real-time strategy game that focuses on World War II.

App Name World War Armies
Publisher Hypemasters
Genre Strategy
Size 337 MB
Latest Version 1.7.0
MOD Info Free Rewards, No ADS
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World War Armies is, without a doubt, the best RTS game on WWII on mobile. This game will take us from one surprise to the next. You must look at the war from a different perspective and write a completely different history.

WWC: WW2 RTS PvP strategy game


Because it is a mobile game, the mechanic must be simple for players to grasp. First and foremost, you face a long-term and historical conflict. As a result, many different types of armies can be controlled, and commanders must combine their abilities to create the most potent army. This is the first requirement for winning a fight and later a war.


For players who are unfamiliar, this game provides more than 20 different types of armies. They each have their unique set of abilities and power levels, and you must purchase them in a store and pick them up before a battle.

WWC: WW2 RTS PvP strategy game

As previously said, this game functions similarly to a card game. So you can select armies from the desk and place them in battle. They will appear and then fight till the finish, or they will be destroyed. However, it would help if you concentrated on the health bar. They have a distinct power; therefore, players must position them correctly to deal the most damage.


This game allows you to change the course of history. To defeat the adversaries, you must travel to various locations and participate in fights.

As a result, players can participate in a wide range of battles and terrain. They are all exceedingly dangerous locations with critical strategic importance. Players must tailor their armies and design appropriate strategies to maximize the terrain advantage. Poorer terrain might sometimes force you into dangerous circumstances.

WWC: WW2 RTS PvP strategy game


A good leader will more readily lead their army to victory in a war. Players will be able to select a skilled leader such as General Guderian or Marshall, and they all provide useful bonuses to your squad.


Players can summon a variety of battle vehicles and soldiers with various troop types. You can summon massive tanks that deal massive amounts of damage. It could potentially be the HLFTR automobiles, which have unique fighting functions.

Soldiers are also classified according to their level of power. They can be rifle, mortr, bzoka, and so on. They will have varying amounts of damage and movement speed. Furthermore, they are sold in the store at the same cost as the value they bring in battle. Please don’t get too hung up on the damaged units; our squad requires a consistent resistance level.


  • Classic real-time strategy gameplay, brought to mobile devices in a true real-time strategy multiplayer game.
  • The setting of the game is World War II; the conflict takes place during the Second World War.
  • Command and conquest means taking control of your armed forces and occupying the enemy’s stronghold.
  • Confront other players from all around the globe in PvP conflicts that take place in real time in the PvP World.
  • Graphics with a high degree of realism in three dimensions; engage in combat among photorealistic depictions of fire, smoke, dirt, and dust
  • Unlock new kinds of soldiers, adjust your military plan, and respond to the challenges posed by the adversary.
  • After each victory, you will get awards and may improve your army.
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