Worms 4 is a game revolving around the endless battles of mischievous worms. With the basic control keys, players will, in turn, create many terrifying explosions that affect the position that the opponent is occupying.

App Name Worms 4
Publisher Team 17 Digital Limited
Genre Strategy
Size 264M
Latest Version 2.0.6
MOD Info Full Game
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Worms 4 with new and unique content will cause a new fever in the player community for many reasons. One of the reasons for that is the funny situations, the intense confrontation between the worms, and many attractive rewards. Each battle has the participation of many characters; they are naughty worms. When fired with moderate power, Bullets with unique properties will cause terrifying explosions. That’s all you’re about to experience!

Worms 4


The main content that Worms 4 builds is direct battles on many different types of terrain. Each player is equipped with a gun and commonly used ammunition. Then, thanks to a scope to measure the distance of any opponent in the confrontation group. Just by holding the finger on the fire button, the player will adjust the distance of the next shot. When color fills the viewfinder, players can let go of their fingers and see the results. With the most substantial firepower, you can easily eliminate any enemy with just a few shots.

Players can explore more than 80 different types of missions when participating in single-player mode. Your score is calculated based on the success of the mission or accurate shots, and this is also your chance to show off your strategy. Necessary plans will be made, such as how to attack, prioritize using rare ammunition, or take advantage of opportunities to counterattack before the opponent’s attack. Famous locations will be included in the game to turn into battlegrounds for you, namely Central Turf, Candiville, Wacky-Habara, Tomorrow Islands and Fro Zone.

Worms 4


A new weapon branded Comet Hailey, and more will be used in the confrontations of Worms 4. Players will be able to apply all kinds of guns with significant damage, even when fired over long distances. The precise aiming segments and the highly stable measurement of the machine will help you get the fastest victory. In addition, the appearance of the weapon upgrade function will help players improve their competitiveness with many strong opponents. The equipment needed to enter the match is also focused on. Players start with choosing their favorite gun, ammo, and support skin.

Worms 4


The wars are over and what stays with you are the most remarkable achievements. Worms 4 builds an achievement leaderboard that makes it easy for players to determine their position relative to everyone else. Besides, allowing you to play as a member of a power group also helps to improve performance. The ability to fight in a team or team style easily helps you overcome any challenge. Every day, you have many messages from your mailbox, which are extremely attractive challenge invitations. The number of rewards received when winning will make you happier. Wait for the next winning spin; maybe you will be the lucky worm to receive much special equipment.


Worms 4 brings many exciting experiences when you play the role of mischievous worms. Every action you take in the game is viewed in a third-person view on a large screen full of joysticks. Smooth operation, as well as beautiful motion effects, will make you more interested in this fun. The task system will be divided equally into different levels, and the difficulty is also increased when you reach a certain level. The achievements on the leaderboard will change with each of your attacks, start the battle and create new feats.

Worms 4


  • Players are engaged in a new war with the appearance of mischievous worms and their battlefield. The bases are just a block of rock, and they are always in danger of being blown away by bombs.
  • The beautiful interface combines unique images that make the game more attractive. Various effects are applied to help players easily visualize the tense atmosphere of the battle.
  • You will be the most muscular worm when consecutively hitting many other opponents and making them run away. Victory is only determined when you ultimately defeat your opponent and ensure your safety.
  • It takes a long time for you to find information regarding the weapons provided, the items that can be equipped to increase strength, and the variety of helmets and armor needed for the upcoming confrontation.
  • A leaderboard is a place for you to compare your achievements with your friends. In addition, the game still has a lot of places you have not explored; start your journey and find your favorite location when fighting.
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