WW2: Strategy & Tactics Games 1942 takes the player back to the period where World War 2 occurred. The player will be a commander of the army participating in the battle. Build strategy and powerful army to win.

App NameWW2: Strategy & Tactics Games 1942
PublisherGrand Strategy FUNGAME STUDIO
Latest Version1.0.7
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Medals
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A war that made new world history will now be recreated in WW2. The eloquent, thrilling atmosphere of the battles and the combat strategies are the most attractive points of this game. Become a talented commander; bring your army to victory!

WW2: Strategy & Tactics Games 1942


In WW2, the player will become the commander of a country’s army. Now, to prepare for the war that is about to break out, you need to build your army. Buy more equipment for your army by earning money. It is obtained by completing the quest board. Increasing numbers and equipping weapons and tanks will help your army become stronger. The army consists of infantry, marine, and paratroopers. Each army will have its own characteristics and how to optimize its own strength. It would help if you took advantage of each army by reading the system’s instructions to understand.

WW2: Strategy & Tactics Games 1942


The most attractive thing about the game is the atmosphere of a battle. When a battle begins, the sight of the armies of other armies coming, the sight of the armies fighting with smoke, guns, and thrilling sounds creating a harbor like World War 2 returns. You will participate in historical battles such as the Civil War, the Minsk Campaign, the Siege of Kyiv, the Defense War of Leningrad, the Defense War of Moscow, …

WW2: Strategy & Tactics Games 1942


Famous names like Rommel, Guderian, Manstein, Zhukov, Konev, Rokossovsky, Vatutin in World War 2 do you still remember? This time, they are talented generals; they will also participate in this virtual war. You will get help from them, or your opponent is them. This depends on the champion you choose. There will be suggestions and help build a battle strategy from the generals. Come up with an intelligent plan: when to use your troops and what weapons, to quickly achieve victory!

WW2: Strategy & Tactics Games 1942


  • Become the leader of a country’s army and participate in world war 2. You will decide history
  • Strengthen the army by increasing the number of troops, buying equipment: tanks, guns, … with money. Complete quests to get coins and items
  • Build a reasonable and effective battle strategy: when to use which army and which weapon? There are many armies: infantry, marine, paratroopers,…
  • The atmosphere of the second world war is recreated thanks to vivid visual effects and sound, creating a thrilling and eloquent feeling
  • Get help or confrontation of generals – names in the history of World War 2
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