Yandex.Disk is an application that stores all document files. Thanks to this application, your files will be stored forever and can also be taken anywhere.

App NameYandex.Disk
PublisherYandex Apps
Latest Version5.47.1
MOD InfoOptimized
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Yandex.Disk is a convenient cloud application that allows many users to store documents, images, and audio files. It helps you to store data intelligently with information security and organization system. Optimize memory with many new features that make storage support easier than ever!


This application helps you save images, videos, or documents on an online system, independent of any device’s hard drive. As soon as your device has wifi, the application will automatically backup to the cloud thanks to the sync permission granted as soon as the application is installed. If you want to save the information you want yourself, you can turn off automatic backups and use the manual method to select and save to the cloud. The application supports saving any image, video, or word file. Therefore, this will be a good assistant to store the daily information you need.



This is an application that allows you to backup all documents, audio, and image files. It is like a second memory of your phone or computer. To use Yandex.Disk, users need to register for an account, and these accounts must be linked to Gmail or google to secure user information. So, just have an account, anywhere, access to the internet, you will be able to view the stored information.

Thanks to this fixed account, even if you switch devices, you can still access your storage. Your documents and photos will be safe no matter what happens with your computer or phone. No matter on any device or anywhere, users can carry all their information with them!


Yandex.Disk application has a large memory usage space supports space up to 10GB. In case you run out of free space, you can buy an additional 100GB or 1TB package. The first 10GB of space is given to users for free. To save storage space, you can delete junk data or unnecessary data.

With a large-scale data warehouse, information security is of great concern. All personal information uploaded here will be strictly confidential. Users can set their own locking systems as they wish with a multi-layer pin lock. Set them up in the lock settings. If you accidentally lose your password or forget it, contact the application system immediately, you will be helped to recover the password. Of course, the system will check your identity before re-issue the password.


The speed of downloading images and documents of Yandex.Disk is a big plus of the application. You will save a lot of time with downloading them. For data upload, the application supports you on how to automatically backup images when there is wifi. The application supports download with super fast speed for data download, which saves space and time. Besides, the application also has a feature that allows you to set wallpaper and lock images right away with the images saved in the cloud.



When you want to share an image or document in this application, just copy its link and paste it anywhere or send it to anyone. The operation is effortless and fast. Please select the access rights for the objects you want in the settings.

In addition, for convenience in searching, users can create files and name them. When you need to find it, just type the filename keyword, and the filter will find it. The images will usually be stored chronologically in the cloud.


  • The application is a cloud that stores images and documents on your account, regardless of the device used. Sign in to the app on different devices
  • Install a security key to ensure your information is not lost. When you lose your password, after verifying your account, the system will help you unlock the password
  • Free 10GB storage for the first time use. If out of stock, you can purchase additional free space 100GB or 1TB
  • Support quick backup and easy access to the internet. Save time and data in loading images and documents
  • Set up large files for easy searching by subject. Share images quickly with a simple operation: copy link
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